If you have a store or website that caters to doggie or kitty lovers my “Pawsitively Charming Jewelry, Banners and  Pillows” will be perfect.  You will be able to offer gift items that will connect to every customer that walks into your store or clicks your website since I carry 80 plus breeds and as an artist I can do custom images of their rare breeds and mix breeds.


Your customer can choose background colors, type of necklace materials, their dog’s name or any cute nickname they called them or give you a jpg image of their actual dog that you send to me to make a very special gift like nothing they can find elsewhere for themselves or someone they have in mind.  You can assist your customer into selecting the options they want and design a unique piece.


With my necklaces I offer  3 different styles (Angel/Baby/Plain) backgrounds (scroll/hearts); different color combinations, up to 19 characters in the bone for the name of the customer’s dog; types of necklace materials (Silvertone with a silvertone love charm, cable stainless steel necklace with Swarovski crystal heart, stainless steel chain also with a Swarovski crystal heart) and between two types of caps (bottlecap and flower shape).


Banners come in 3 styles and 9 colors.

Pillows are currently available in 12 dog breeds and a black and white cat and tabby cat only. I am working to offer a custom version that I can do an artistic interpretation in the same style as the rest of the pillows and have them choose the scarf and rug of their choice. I will have it ready by spring of 2019.


You will receive a printout of all the breeds and options available to show your customer or a CD with 72dpi jpgs to upload the options to your website when you order your first minimum order.


I am an artist and have been painting dogs for over 12 years and currently have 80 plus breeds available on this website but I am working on more including some rare breeds like a Puli and a Komondor and will have them ready by the end of 2018. Email me if you don’t see a breed you will like to carry so I can get it ready for you. Anytime you want to see an image combination to show your customer I can just email you what it will look like. You will be able to either ask them to come in and see it or send it to them via email/text making it easy for them to place their order.


NEW BACKGROUNDScolor choice banner copy


You can search the breeds you are looking for by clicking the drop down box on top of the page and select any breed you are interested. Select the color of the background/type of cap/type of necklace material  and how many and click add to cart. It is that easy. Your order will be processed by Paypal which is a secure cart using any credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account.
First Minimum order is $350.00 wholesale price.  (Type of necklace is priced different so your total price of minimum order depends on which material the necklaces are made and combination of either necklaces/banners/pillows).


COUPON CODE FOR YOUR FIRST ORDER so you can get the wholesale price is:



If you got a postcard use this code: WP0418


After your first original order you can order any number of necklaces, banners and pillows you want . (After the first order has been shipped and received;  your business phone number will be the coupon code you will use with no dashes as it is easy for you to remember ). If you order less than the minimum on your first order ; your order will not be processed. When you order the 12 the total in the cart will be the retail price then you need to put the coupon code above  in the shopping cart and you will get the wholesale price.


Wholesale price:



Silvertone Necklace: $10.00  Cable Stainless Steel: $15.00  Stainless Steel Chain: $17.50


(If you forget to put the code in the shopping cart it will ask you at checkout see the top of the  page to put the coupon code again). You can only order a minimum of 12 with this coupon. After the original minimum order you can order as many as you want and I will bill you net 30 to be paid by credit card/check.The date on the invoice will be the date I use for the net 30 I have a 7 day grace period to wait for payment. If I do not receive either a credit card/check at that time all orders afterward will be prepaid prior to shipping order. I am an artist not a big manufacturer and cannot afford not to get paid.



CUSTOM ORDERS ARE ALWAYS PREPAID. You will place the order online and put the wholesale code which will be your phone number without dashes.Remember the first time you order you will use the code above for your original order and after that it will be your phone number no dashes.


Bounced checks: $35.00 fee. Account will be pre-paid ONLY on all future orders after bouncing a check.


Shipping is a flat fee of $5.00 for all orders from 1 to 30  bottlecaps. 31 Bottlecaps to 100 shipping is $15.00. (This website does not add this added shipping. The $10 difference will be billed separately after placing order).(shipping can change due to USPS changing their price).


Keep this in mind after your original order if you just order one.


Custom orders are available: if your customer wants their doggie’s name on the  banner/bone that is not a problem just email me the name there is no charge for this BUT if your customer wants a photo of their dog with the wings or in the baby buggy or  just the head there is a charge of $5.00. Just select the custom option in the background drop-box.Then send me an email attachment  to: pawsrcharming@gmail . I will send you a proof you can show your customer before I make the necklace or banner.Just check the section tab above “Custom Necklace” for further instructions.


Dropshipping  Available:  I can ship the order directly to your customer for an additional charge of $3.50 plus $5.00 shipping per mailing address.I will put the name of your store in the label outside and inside packing list.


Each necklace order will be sent in a small 4″ x 3″ bag with a hole you can hang in your store (photo above shows the tag without the hanging bag or an image due to shine from the resin and bag. I am not a great photographer) or place them in a basket by the register. Banners/Pillows also come in their own bag and tag to hang and keep them clean.


Delivery Time: 2 to 3 weeks. NO EXCEPTIONS. I am in a high humidity state the resin requires time to dry and banners and pillows are printed in another state and they have their own time frame and they need to ship to me and then I have to do my thing and sew them up for you and pack. (You will get an estimated time of shipping everytime you order).


Last day to order for Christmas is November 28th. No exceptions. Orders placed after this date will ship mid  to end of January.Do not promise your customer holiday delivery after this date it will be impossible to deliver I don’t want you to look bad to your customer. Place a  sign in your store regarding the deadline so they place their order early and we are all happy and no problems during a hectic holiday season.


I have been doing retail online sales for several years but I have a total of 12 years doing wholesale with stores nationwide/catalogs (in the 90’s)(Had a bad car accident in 2003 that put me out of business for many years). I am adding wholesale again at this time but I am in the process of moving either farther up in Florida or Atlanta to join my family by the end of this year for this reason at this point I don’t have someone to answer phones so please any questions you have just email me you will get an answer between 24 hours. I am an artist and I have employees who help me with the shipping and assembly but I make the bottlecaps myself and the process is time consuming and cannot be stopped once started so I do  not answer the phone when I am doing the resin.Leave a message and I will get back to you once I am done doing the resin work.


Can’t wait to work with you, It’s been my experience that anyone that has a business about dogs are the most warm and wonderful people to deal with. Hope to hear from you.


Ana Llaurado/Artist and Owner