Shipping Fees

Shipping is charged according to items ordered and number of items shipped in one box.

Necklaces are small and light but if other items are ordered besides necklaces use the shipping fee of the other item. If you also ordering pillows use the pillow shipping price since box size will change and necklaces can fit easily in the box with banners/pillows.

Banners are light but the wood dowel needs to have space in the box and has to be packaged in a way that it won’t break so it requires an odd size box which affects shipping. Necklaces can be shipped together with banners but pillows need to be in a much larger box.

Pillows come in different sizes since Yorkies are smaller than Labs/Golden Retrievers. The box used for pillows take into consideration this difference in size so I use the largest pillow as my standard box size. Necklaces and banners can be shipped with the pillows.




Ordering only necklaces:


SHIPPING CODE A:       1 to 6 necklaces: $ 6.00
SHIPPING CODE B:       7 to 20 necklaces: $10.00
SHIPPING CODE C:       more than 20 necklaces: $15.00


Ordering Banners:

SHIPPING CODE D:     1 to 3 banners: $10.00

SHIPPING CODE E:     4 to 10 banners: $15.00

SHIPPING CODE F:      more than 10 banners $20.00

Ordering Pillows:

SHIPPING CODE G:     1 to 3 pillows $15.00

SHIPPING CODE H:     4 to 10 pillows $20.00

SHIPPING CODE I:      more than 10 pillows $25.00





If you are ordering 3 pillows and 2 banners and 4 necklaces you will use the code of the largest item (pillow) and the number  of that item (3) so your shipping price will be SHIPPING CODE “G”. In other words you will pay $15.00 to have the 3 pillows/2 banners/4 necklaces shipped in the same box that fits the largest item since they can fit inside.


Sometimes the combination of items and zip code can affect the shipping fee. If I receive your order and I see the shipping is more I will let you know so you can decide to order or not. If the opposite is true and the shipping is much less than quoted here you will receive a refund for the shipping paid. Shipping can change due to oil prices and policies changed by the shipping companies. I send small orders thru the Post Office; larger orders depending on box size and destination I will use UPS/FEDEX.