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Hi, glad to tell you my story so you get to know me better. I have been painting since I  was a child, after high school I went to art school and studied commercial art.  I was a freelancer for several years and in 1992 I decided to go into the pet business with some very unique dog houses that I designed. The doghouses were cumbersome and I could not sell nationwide so eventually I designed “Life Like Doggie Doorstops” and for 12 years that is what I did.


I hand-painted wooden doggie doorstops; cute wood cutouts of dogs with a wedge that would hold doors or that you could just place on the floor as a unique decoration. Then came 9/11 and I had to close my business plus life got in the way until just now. I became allergic to dust and I was in a car accident so it is difficult for me to operate heavy machinery to cut wood. I am a hands-on person so I believe in making the products myself and just hire people to do everything else so this is why I am not doing doorstops but I found my old paintings of my doggie doorstops and I had been playing with Photoshop so I turned them into images I could place in bottle-caps, banners and cute pillows and  this is how “Paws R Charming” came about.


Check my website and order these cool necklaces/banners/pillows with adorable doggie faces. I am still playing with Photoshop and will be also offering scarfs,  T-shirts and other fun items. Keep checking my website or just email me so I can put you on a list for when I put out a new fun item that I have made.


( pawsrcharming@gmail.com )(Copy paste/or go to contact and in the subject line put ADD TO OPT-IN LIST FOR NEWS)


Are you wondering why I have this cool Chihuahua with shades image above, well it is my avatar because I am very short (did not make it to 5 feet) and I am very yappy. I love to talk and be with people having fun. So if you have any questions just email me I will love to hear from you. (I know I said I am yappy but making the resin and using my 2 hands to put the jewelry together, sew, stuff pillows and banners it makes it hard for me to answer the phone). Promise I do get back to you with an email or email me the best time I can call you.


I am easy to work with, and love, love, love dogs/cats and all animals so let me make something for you;


Ana Llaurado/Artist

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5654 Enclave Place, Lauderhill FL 33319

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